Azam Khan claims Army gifted battle tank to his university


New Delhi: Army gifted the tank to the University of Samajwadi Party leader Azam Khan. This tank is placed in Azam Khan’s Mohammad Ali Jauhar University University campus. The university is in Rampur and Azam Khan is its lifelong chancellor. Azam Khan has thanked the Army for the tank. Azam also targeted opponents on this occasion and said that his image is good, so Indian Army has given its tank.

Azam Khan said that he has requested the Army to provide more modern weapons to his University so that the students can get information about the weapons used by the army. Azam said, ‘My relationship with the army is quite amicable. He has been requested to provide more weapons from them.

Azam Khan said that the Indian Army has given 12-14 tanks to the whole country. The first of its name is for the first to be named Mohammad Ali Jauhar University. Now we also want this because we have become a member of their family and whatever else is ship, fighter ship, helicopter, artillery, these are also given to us. This university also became an exhibition of military equipment, people see what kind of weapons our army has.

The SP leader said that the army is not an organization of BJP and any political party. In India, if any sahib understood this or understood today that if any gift from the Indian Army is being given to Mohammad Ali Jauhar University or after his recommendation, then today he should know that the level of the army, the Army’s Waqar Highly above the political party.



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