Ashwani lohani will be new chairman of Railway board


New Delhi: Air India CMD Ashwini Lohani has been appointed the new chairman of the Railway Board. Lohani has been replaced by Ashok Mittal. After Auraiya Rail incident, Ashok Mittal has resigned as Chairman of Railway Board. Let us tell you that Ashok Mittal’s tenure ended on July 31, 2016, but the central government extended his term for two years. Ashok Mittal was appointed Chairman of the Railway Board on December 31, 2014.

Ashwini Lohani has been associated with the 1980 batch Indian Railway Service of Mechanical Engineers. Lohani has been talking about his special work style. When the Shiv Sena MP was raped and beaten up by the elderly staff of Air India, Ashwini Lohani stood fully with the staff of Air India. Shiv Sena MP was banned by all the airlines. It is said that all these steps were possible due to the tough attitude of Ashwini Lohani. Earlier, at the Tirupati Airport, the VSR Congress MP Mithi Reddy had assaulted Air India’s Station Manager. In this case, also Ashwini Lohani adopted a strong stand and filed a FIR against MP. MP’s arrest after filing a FIR.



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