Arvind Kejriwal Meets Kumar Vishwas as Complications in AAP Hollow Out


Aam Admi Party is going through an internal watershed. Kumar Vishwas who is the senior leader of the party was about to quit the party after there were allegations made by MLA Amanatullah Khan, who called Vishwas an agent of BJP Party. Party Chief, Arvind Kejriwal went to meet Vishwas Tuesday night to speak with the senior leader to understand his problems.

Kejriwal said that even though Kumar is disappointed he would persuade him to stay in the party as his presence is important for their foundation.

Kumar Vishwas in a press conference had said that if the allegations Khan made on him were directed on Kejriwal or Manish Sisodia he would have been ousted from the party straightaway, flouting Kejriwal’s orders not to make any public remarks. He also passed hints about leaving the party.

Before Kejriwal could meet Kumar, the AAP party had sent deputy chief minister Manish Sisodia and Sanjay Singh to try and convince Vishwas to stay back in the party.

Recalling his initial days in the party Vishwas said that AAP was an effort of three people – Kejriwal, Sisodia and him. He said his integrity was questioned and passed clues that Khan was being used by senior leaders of the party to stain his veracity.

Sisodia said that they were hurt by statements of Vishwas and the party was not founded by just the three of them but by thousands of workers.



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