Arvind Kejriwal Attacks BJP Government Over PNB Scam of Rs 11,300 Cr

Delhi's CM Kejriwal says that this scam cannot be without the approval of the central government


New Delhi: The entire opposition, including the Congress, has opened a front against the ruling Modi government at the Center of the country’s largest banking scam. Congress President Rahul Gandhi has directly blamed Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the scam while sitting there silently for a long time, Arvind Kejriwal is also seen coming in full form.

Delhi’s CM Kejriwal says that this scam cannot be without the approval of the central government. Let us know that a case of disturbance of Rs 11,356 crore has been reported in Punjab National Bank. Allegations that billionaire jeweler businessman Neerav Modi (46) got a foreign loan from other Indian lenders, allegedly receiving a fraudulent guarantee letter (LOU) from the bank’s Mumbai branch.

Now the opposition has become vocal on this issue. In this episode, Congress President Rahul Gandhi tweeted how the central government’s tactics were tweeted. He wrote in a tweet – “Neerav Modi has explained how India can be looted.

First, meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi, also look at PM Modi in Davos. Rahul wrote that stole 12,000 crore rupees from the country and take away the money from the country like Vijay Mallya.

At the same time, Arvind Kejriwal tweeted on the PNB banking scam to target the BJP government under the leadership of Narendra Modi. He tweeted on Thursday afternoon and said the collision of the BJP government in the scam. In the tweet, Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal has said, “Is it possible that Vijay Mallya or Nirav Modi should go out of the country without the collusion of the Bharatiya Janata government?”

Aam Aadmi Party chief Arvind Kejriwal, who escaped from attacking the central government, has sent a message to this attack that he will now be vocal and will attack the BJP central government.

Let us state that the country’s government banks dealing with many problems already have to deal with the biggest scandal in history. Punjab National Bank (PNB) has revealed that it has a scam of $ 1.77 billion (Rs 11,346 crore) in a Mumbai-based branch.

The scam’s strings are also associated with the famous gemstone and jewelry trader Neerav Modi, against whom PNB had handed over the investigation to the CBI by alleging a fraud of Rs 280 crores a fortnight ago. Enforcement Directorate has registered a case of cheating on Neerav Modi on the basis of CBI’s FIR.

PNB briefed the stock market about the rigging that took place in one of its branches on Wednesday morning. According to the bank, he has registered some disturbances in one of his branches in Mumbai. Transactions were made to benefit some account holders. On the basis of these transactions, other banks have lent money abroad to customers.

The size of this whole case is $ 1.77 billion. The information of PNB has stirred up the finance ministry and the entire banking sector. The Ministry of Finance has summoned the report on the whole issue.

However, according to Joint Secretary Lok Ranjan, in the banking department of the Ministry, “This is not a big issue and there is no such situation which should be told that the situation is not in control.” But other officials of the Ministry are worried that its wire Other government banks are also involved.

Union Bank, Allahabad Bank, and private sector Axis Bank also gave loans on the basis of the letter of intent (LOU) issued to the account holders for PNB.

In this case, the bank will also come under the scope of the investigation. LOU is a form issued on behalf of a bank branch to another bank branch on which the second branch of the bank  provides the loan facility to that customer.

The PNB banking scam is being called the country’s largest banking scam. The main accused in this scandal, Neerav Modi is a diamond businessman of Gujarat. However, he was born in Antwerp (Belgium), considered the Diamond Capital of the world. There are many showrooms in the country and abroad and they sell their belongings only with the ‘Neerav Modi’ brand.

According to the information, Neerav’s net worth is Rs 11,500 crore.

Look at other banks too

When the RBI summoned the PNB, then he made it public and there was no choice but to investigate the case. Other cases also came out in this order. Also, it is being ascertained whether this business of issuing LOU in other bank branches is going on. If the experts believe that the bank unofficially meets with the importers, they do this work very well and it is indirectly permissible from the top officials.

PNB Ten employees suspended

PNB has suspended its ten employees in this case. After the scam came to light, the ten price share of PNB shares fell in the stock market. The shares of other banks have also dived very well.



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