Anandiben Patel Is New Governor Of Madhya Pradesh, Tweets President

Anandiben Patel

Anandiben Patel has been appointed as the governor of Madhya Pradesh. It was announced in a tweet by the Rashtrapati Bhavan. Born in 1941 in Gujarat, she became the first woman chief minister of Gujarat. Anandiben Patel resigned from the post of the chief minister, which was announced on her Facebook page.

Later on, Mr. Vijay Rupani was sworn in as the chief minister of Gujarat. She will take the place of the Om Prakash Kohli. M. Kohli, who is the governor of Gujarat was handling the additional charge of the Madhya Pradesh. Many view it as a token from the BJP due to her excellent service in the party. But given the news is recent, political parties are yet to comment on the appointment. But, it is bound to bring embarrassment to the party with a difference.

The tweet came at 9.45 pm from the President account. The governor appointment is under the jurisdiction of the president while the prime minister can advise the names of the people to be given the post. But more recently, the post of the governor under the BJP rule came under severe attack from the opposition parties, when it came in the news that Central government was forcefully asking the governors of many states to resign voluntarily because they were appointed by the previous governments.

As always many resigned to save their day and knew the consequences if they do not. But quite a few resisted the forceful resignation, who was later unceremoniously had to resign from their post. But, the move should not be surprising for the Congress which has been doing the same in its regime. Offering their intellectual supporters or the party people, who could not be included in the cabinet are offered a governor position in the states of India.

Anandiben Patel & Party

Nothing could be more misleading to the people, who supported to find that they are being treated the same as in their previous government. Anandiben Patel is considered close to the top ranks in the BJP and was handed over the post of Chief Minister in Gujarat, once Mr Narendra Modi became the prime minister of India.

Recently, under the attack from the Congress for his Hugoplomacy, he replied that he is unaware of the protocol and is a common man. The continuous war of words between the parties continues as these developments in the appointment at important positions in the universities and committee continue.

In the recently concluded Gujarat election, she did not contest the election. She said that she is too old for the election now. We now know, what the real motives were.Well, she is not the first one to be appointed in the position from the BJP. Vajubhai Vala was also appointed as the governor of Karnataka, who is a BJP leader. The ruling parties have been utilizing the position of the governor to control and monitor their position in the state. What precedent this creates for other parties and government is in the hands of the future.



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