Air chief marshal Arjan singh funeral will be done today in Delhi with State honor

Arjan Singh of Indian Air Force Marshal and 1965 Indo-Pak war will be cremated today with the state honor in Delhi. In his honor today, the national flag will be half-hinged in all government buildings in Delhi. The funeral will be done at 9.30 in the morning. In addition to President Ramnath Kovind and Defense Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, the heads of all the three forces paid tribute to the martyr Arjan Singh, Indian Air Force. War hero Marshal Arjan Singh died on Saturday evening. He was 98 years old. He led the IAF in the Indo-Pak war of 1965.

Here are the live updates for the state funeral of IAF Marshal Arjan Singh:


Kushagra Asati September 18, 201711:22 am

Watch the entire ceremony here:

Kushagra Asati September 18, 201710:29 am

Arjan Singh cremated with full state honours. Military band plays farewell tune as the entire nation bids goodbye to the Air force veteran.

Kushagra Asati September 18, 201710:29 am

Sukhoi fighter jets fly past in the missing man formation in honour of the Indian Air Force’s only Marshal Arjan Singh.

Kushagra Asati September 18, 201710:29 am

Choppers fly past the Brar Square for the state funeral ceremony. They are carrying the flags of the Indian Air Force.

Kushagra Asati September 18, 201710:29 am

Honour of 17-gun salute accorded to military veteran Arjan Singh

Kushagra Asati September 18, 201710:28 am

Last rites ceremony of Arjan Singh, India’s oldest serving officer, begins at Brar Square. Defence Minister Namrata Sitharaman, Former PM Manmohan Singh follow the air force officers carrying the casket.

Kushagra Asati September 18, 201710:27 am
Fly Past in honor of Air Marshal Arjan Singh
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The last farewell of Air Marshal Arjan Singh.
MI-17 helicopter launches air marshal salute
The 17 gun salute given to Air Marshal.
Final farewell to Air Marshal
Kushagra Asati September 18, 201710:26 am

Air Marshal is being taken to the funeral.

Kushagra Asati September 18, 201710:26 am
Lal Krishna Advani also paid homage to Air Marshal Arjan Singh
In a short while the funeral will be done with the state honor
Kushagra Asati September 18, 201710:25 am

Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh paid tribute to Air Marshal Arjan Singh.