Agra Tutor arrested for sexually abusing 15 year old student


New Delhi: The relationship of the Guru-disciple is considered very sacred, but a news of Agra has come to light that you will be shocked. Here is a case that has sparked the relationship between a teacher and a disciple. Here the police arrested the tutor for sexual harassment and blackmailing the student of 10 th and arrested him in the case of money laundering and presented at the court. From here he was sent to jail for 14 days. In this case, two sisters of the teacher are absconding, the police is trying to find them. The two sisters had made a relation with the student, showing the video of which the accused tutor stole money from the student.

The matter is of the Hari Parbat of Agra. Akhilesh (fictitious name) son of Baghapur Khan resident Sarrafha businessman is a student of class 10. He says that the tutor and his divorced sister were sexually exploiting him for 9 months. The victim’s boy told the police that both of them had also made their pornographic video to blackmail him, the brother’s brother joined them in this work. The accused girl and her sister threatened to upload the video online and demanded money. To fulfill his demand, the boy stole jewelry, cash and other things from his house.

According to the student’s father, the son was lost for the past several months and did not eat and drink. After asking a lot, one day he told his mother to be in trouble, His family can’t believe. Students say that the coaching center is just the name. Here the students coming from families with money are spoiled. They are addicted to hookah. They are made addicted to it.

Akhilesh’s father says there may be much more students in the clutches of coaching instructor Nitin. Through her sisters, she pushes kids into the swamp of sex and then blackmails them by making videos. In this case, SP City Kunwar Anupam Singh has said that there is a gross negligence of the families. The case is going on for 9 months and the family did not even know what was wrong in spite of being stolen.



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