Aamir Khan Detected Swine Flu All Programs Cancelled


Mumbai: Actor Aamir Khan has been detected swine flu. Doctors have advised Aamir khan to take rest. Actor Aamir Khan has canceled all his programs. Aamir Khan gave this information by issuing a video message, he said that he was canceling all his programs. According to the news agency ANI, his wife Kiran Rao has also been hit by swine flu. Aamir Khan has said in his message that he and his wife Kiran Rao have been swine flu, doctors have advised them not to leave the house for a week. Actually, Aamir Khan was scheduled to attend an event on August 6. But due to his illness, he could not come to the program. Aamir Khan had to participate in the Satyamev Jayate Water Cup Awards but due to illness, he could not come here.

So far many cases have been reported across the country of swine flu. In Kerala this year, 23 people have died due to swine flu. More cases of H1N1 infection were recorded than last year. In the state, 300-400 cases of swine flu have been confirmed, out of which 23 deaths have been reported. This year cases of swine flu have just had an increase in Kerala but also in the entire South India. Two people have died due to swine flu in Uttarakhand. One each has died due to this virus in Uttar Pradesh and Himachal Pradesh.



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