Aadhaar Is Constitutionally Valid: Supreme Court

aadhaar card

Aadhaar scheme is constitutionally valid, said Indian apex court on Wednesday defining it as unique and better than being the best.

The Supreme Court said Aadhaar is following sufficient security measures in protecting the data of people and just on the basis of Aadhaar surveillance on citizens is not possible.

The court also asked Centre to reduce period of data storage and bring a robust law in its protection to the earliest.

The court also mentioned no citizens should be denied benefits under social welfare scheme just because the authentication through Aadhaar has failed.

Meanwhile, it is now mandatory for Aadhaar to link with PAN card, but it is not mandatory for openings of a bank account as well as for getting new mobile connections.

Apart from these, the SC added Aadhaar must not also be made mandatory for school admission. School administration cannot make the document as mandatory.

Illegal migrants cannot be issued Aadhaar and the government has been directed to strictly have a check on it so that they don’t get social welfare scheme benefits.

The five-bench judgment added private companies cannot ask for the document.

The court said Aadhaar is to empower the marginalized sections of the society as it cannot be duplicated. It is a unique identification and gives the beneficiaries of social welfare schemes an identity.



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