30 Kids Dies at BRD Hospital of Gorakhpur UP Government Denies Death Due to Oxygen Shortage


Gorakhpur: 30 children have died due to the stagnation of oxygen in Baba Raghavdas Hospital (BRD) in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh. It is being said that due to non-payment of outstanding money, the company providing the oxygen was stopped. According to reports, 12 children were suffering from encephalitis. After this incident, there has been an outcry in the hospital. At the same time, the lack of oxygen has declared the news of these deaths as baseless. The government has claimed that no patient has died due to lack of oxygen.

Pipeline operator gave warning of closure of oxygen supply

But it is being told that only on Thursday the hospital’s pipeline operator had informed the head of the principal, SIC, Anesthesia Department and the nodal officer of Encephalitis Ward had a very low stock of liquid oxygen. On Thursday, the center pipeline operator had informed in writing that the reading of Liquid Oxygen is 900 and if the oxygen supply is not available at the time of time then the life of the patients will be in danger. But there was no action yet and there was such a big accident. There is also the allegation that there was a total amount of Rs 69 lakh on the hospital of the oxygen supplying agency. Even though the agency warned to stop the supply of oxygen without getting the money, the government is still not accepting that such a major incident has occurred in the hospital due to the lack of oxygen.

Two days ago, CM Yogi Adityanath had visited this hospital

And just two more days ago, the Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath visited this hospital, he had seen the condition of the hospital, had met the officers, had to go through the movement of the patient and the news of such a big negligence two days after the visit of the Yogi Came in.

Government Denies Death Due to Lack of Oxygen

District Magistrate Rajiv Routale said in the last two days, 17 children died in Neo Natal Ward, whereas in acute encephalitis syndrome i.e. five in AES ward and eight children died in General Ward. The remaining 23 deaths took place from midnight of 9 August to on August 10. On the question of whether these deaths occurred due to lack of oxygen, Routela said that doctors of Medical College have clearly told that there is no death due to lack of oxygen. Meanwhile, the state government spokesman in Lucknow told the news that broadcast on some news channels was misleading, that these deaths were due to lack of oxygen.

Sonia-Rahul Gandhi expresses deep grief over death

Congress President Sonia Gandhi and Vice President Rahul Gandhi expressed deep grief over these deaths. The Congress President said that he has been deeply hurt by this horrific tragedy and he is deeply sympathetic to the families of those children who became victims of severe negligence and poor conduct of administration. He urged the Uttar Pradesh Government to immediately take cognizance of this crime and file a case against the culprits. He also appealed to the workers of the state Congress to provide relief to the families of such children. No reason has been given for these deaths but the Union Home Ministry said that according to the SP of Gorakhpur, 21 children died due to lack of supply of liquid oxygen.



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