30 Children Dies Due To Encephalitis BRD Hospital In Gorakhpur


In the election area of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, there is news of hospital administration and doctors’ negligence. 30 children have died in BRD hospital in Gorakhpur. It is being told that due to the stagnation of oxygen, this accident happened. CM Yogi visited here on 9th August.

According to sources, after the default of Rs 68 lakh, the contractor raised his hand. Due to this the supply of oxygen of the hospital was disrupted. All children are children of Maharajganj, Siddhartha Nagar, and Kushinagar.
Let me tell you that four patients died in the Encephalitis Ward of Medical College. At the same time, eight new patients have been recruited. A total of 73 encephalitis patients are still undergoing treatment in the ward.

It is noteworthy that the outbreak of encephalitis in the Purvanchal is not taking the name of pausing. So far this year 504 patients of Encephalitis have been admitted in Medical College. And now, due to the stagnation of oxygen supply, serious questions are being raised from the death of 30 Nunihalas in just 48 hours.



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