How To Protect Adsense Account From Click Fraud


Adsense Is one of the Best Advertisment Program by Google. Many People Asked About Click Bombing So..

What is Click Bombing ?

Click Bombing

So first of all, what is Click bombing? Essentially, click bombing is when your adsense ads gets click MUCH more than normal.  For example, if a malicious user goes to your website and clicks on one of your adsense ads 100 times – this would be click bombing.  This malicious user is trying to send tons of invalid clicks in hopes of getting your Google Adsense account banned.  This is a worst case scenario.

Many Persons Lost their Adsense Account Due to Click Fraud or High CTR. Usually Adsense approved websites Can reach Maximum 3-5% CTR(Click Through Rates) Depending on the type of Websites Where they are Placing their Ad or How Popular is the Website. But some people have complained the CTR to grow up to 200-500%, which is obviously a result of Click Bombing.

Zac Johnson lost his 10 years old adsense acccount. Read his story

So Let See How to Protect your Adsense Approved Account 

People Even Search on Google How to Get Adsense Account Approved but they didn’t know How to Protect Adsense Account. Previously many people have written about protecting an AdSense account from click bombing. But this article is little different, as a new cyber attack on AdSense accounts took place on March 27th 2013. You should act quickly to protect your AdSense account, as Google doesn’t give you any suggestions or warnings to play safe.

Protect your Adsense Account is Little bit Difficult But you have to do this if you want to earn Money From Google Adsense Because your Have to Moniter your  Prerformance Reports Closely. Dont Be Happy If you Get High CTR or Clicks on Your Ads Drastically Within a Day. Because it may Be a Symbol of Click Bombing or Invalid Clicks.


If Your Adsense account Shows Higher High CTR then Make Sure that your ads are not Placied on your Homepage of Your Website.  Rumors say that these bots were made to take down the Asian bloggers competition by destroying their only source of income from AdSense. Some other rumors also say that these bots and cyber attacks were done by a leading contextual ad company to take down AdSense competition asap.

Google is very strict about their TOC, which become handy to many hackers who don’t want other people to earn money from AdSense. You should learn how to monitor your AdSense reports by analyzing the CTR via Ad Units, Countries, Clicks, Ad Locations and etc. Each of this category can show you different metrics of estimated and current earnings on that present day. Make sure the CTR is are under 5% for all your websites over 1000 page views in total. This may vary according to the number of page views, but make sure they are below 5% for large page views.

Steps to Detect High CTR Ad Units in AdSense:

  1. Log In to your Google AdSense Account
  2. Click on the Performance reports
  3. Set the Fixed date range to current date
  4. Click on Ad units from the left panel
  5. Come down to check the Ad request CTR
  6. Click twice on the Ad request CTR to set the records ascending
  7. Now make sure the CTR is below 3% – 5% on each channel
  8. Remove ads from Home Page if the CTR is more 10% on each Ad unit.
  9. Now click Countries on the left panel to make sure the CTR is not above 10% from US and Germany.
  10. If you find the CTR to be more than 20% on any day end statistic, then make sure to take good care of it.

Note: Remove your Google AdSense ads from homepage if you feel the clicks were invalid. And make sure to report Google via Invalid Clicks Contact Form.



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