Jon Hamm reveals the first time he met Donald Trump


New York: Mad Men’ star Jon Hamm has opened up about the first time he met United States President Donald Trump at a ‘Saturday Night Live’ after party.

Hamm revealed that he was left extremely uncomfortable and wasn’t really thrilled when he met him.

Speaking to The New York Post, the actor who recently appeared in Edgar Wright’s ‘Baby Driver,’ said: “He was with Bill O’Reilly. They’re both tall dudes. And I’m a tall dude. And they both do that tall-dude thing, which is to try to intimidate you,” he told the publication.

“And it doesn’t work on me. I’m like, ‘I’m as alpha as you. Let’s go. You’re not going to chest-bump me,” he added

Continuing that, “It was a very weird night. It was the shortest I’ve ever stayed at an ‘SNL’ afterparty.”

The ‘ Baby Driver‘ star didn’t elaborate on what, if anything, he discussed with the two men, or what specifically they did to try to intimidate him.

The 46-year-old is something of a regular presence around ‘ Saturday Night Live‘ and has access to the usually exclusive after-parties.

Hamm is best known for playing advertising executive Don Draper in the AMC television drama series ‘ Mad Men‘ and he also had a regular role on Netflix‘s ‘ Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt‘.



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