What Elon Musk can Teach to Hollywood, Will Hollywood Learn any Of It?

elon musk

Elon Musk, a name which has been constantly added to the list of greatest innovators of our time. he has been instrumental in bringing his dream come true even if the whole world believes it not to be happening anytime soon.

Hollywood loves Elon Musk. They have a particular interest in his companies and his view regarding the latest technological innovations happening around the world. He may have appeared as a special guest in many of the famous movies as well as TV serials, but never as a full feature film. The IRONMAN or a small visit in the transcendence are all results of Hollywood’s infatuation with him.

He is one of the man of the moment in technology for Hollywood. They cast him to create an amount of credibility in their films and scenes. It also is a  reflection of Elon’s desire to appear in the films or it may be one of his personal branding methods. he is fond of utilizing unconventional approaches towards marketing and promotions. recently on twitter, he promoted hats of his company by offering a tour in the tunnels that his boring company is digging.

People love his out of the world claims that he proves are worth trying on the planet earth. A few of his recent exploration in the multiple fields of science include space technology, solar technology, electric vehicle and artificial intelligence. The Hollywood actress Amber heard who was previously married to the Johnny Depp, was rumoured to be his girlfriend.Then the news arrived that they broke up because of long distance relationship was not working between them. Both have different visions towards their future. He is again seen with amber heard which made people believe they have patched up their relationship.

Musk as he himself has described his ultimate goal of multi-planetary exploration which he believes would come true soon. The nature of Hollywood is to cash out the current trends of the market and exploit its full potential. Musk seems to fit the bill of Hollywood’s predefined characteristic role which requires resemblance and innate fresh quality. His company SpaceX was recently in the news when it launched iridium satellites in space from California creating beautiful and mysterious bright light in the sky.

People in California loved the light and the photo went viral on the internet. Musk himself tweeted a video captioning it Nuclear alien UFO from North Korea which has already garnered more than a million views. All these are the examples of his unconventional approaches towards marketing about his products and companies on the internet. Hollywood which spends billions of dollars on movies and promotions can learn a way or two from the man himself.

Many Hollywood actors have also paid a visit to his different factories enquiring about the work his company does and why does Elon musk think mars is the future home of humans. Leonardo DiCaprio and Joseph Gordon  Levitt have visited his factories at a different point in time. They do have a lot to learn from each other to enhance their products.



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