What Is Yeast Infection. What Are The Causes, Symptoms


A yeast infection is an irritation that occurs in a woman’s vaginal area. It is usually followed by vaginal itching and swelling of the vagina. A thick, whitish fluid that many describe as “cottage cheese” is discharged from the vagina. Even though this discharge is normally orderless, it is still not a pretty sight, and not something women enjoy happening to them. These of course, are only the common symptoms.

What Causes It?

One of the main causes is wearing tight underwear. Wearing tight underwear prevents the vagina from “breathing”. There is not enough air and proper circulation going into the vagina which leaves it vulnerable in a warm and moist environment.

Can Men Get It?

Men can indeed have a yeast infection. The more accurate name is balanitis, which is an infection to the head of the penis and gives same symptoms as ladies like itching, soreness and slight discharge. This is especially important for guys who are not circumcised. They must clean properly beneath the foreskin. Again, yeast thrives in warm and moist conditions.

What Is Candida?

Candida is a medical word that means yeast infection.

What Are The Other Causes?

There are quite a few other main causes that women need to be aware of. The three that women should definitely know about is stress, pregnancy, and birth control. Yeah, that’s right, even birth control pills (as well as other steroids) can be a cause. We can lump antibiotics in that group too. You see, many medications and various things of that nature can alter the chemical composition of different parts of the body. In this case, the vagina, they can kill the necessary bacteria needed to prevent these types of infections. Another interesting cause is diabetes. When blood sugar is high, yeast can flourish. Any female with diabetes must control their blood sugar levels or else they will be left with high risk of a yeast infection.



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