What Irrfan Khan’s Disease has Taught us About Life


Recently, in the heart-breaking news, we found out that the 51-year-old maverick actor Irrfan suffers from a rare disease – a Neuroendocrine Tumour. He and his wife Sutapa have shown grace in their public conduct of a serious illness that can have dire consequences. It can be greatly painful to be diagnosed with a serious ailment and often families are not prepared financially for such situations.

Illnesses, in general, are inherently bad news and make us feel low. An air of helplessness surrounds us which germinates from physical pain and moves on to mental anguish and loneliness. The severe the illness, the greater the suffering. Here are a few lessons that we can learn from such atrocities and move towards a positive and strong frame of mind that’ll help us reduce the suffering to an extent.

Think positive – It helps

A life-threatening disease can easily make you slip into thought patterns that are negative, cause depression and render you unproductive. Hence, it is imperative to stay positive because positive thinking can help you maintain a semblance of normalcy within all the chaos. Positive thinking is a way of life, and one must practice it. It does not just come to you the day you need it. Therefore, start practicing today.

Hope is powerful – Discover it

No matter what happens, hope has the power to get you through. If it did not, our lives would come to a standstill. Hope keeps us going, it makes us better and helps us get through bumpy rides that life takes us on. Even when we are facing a serious illness, the hope that things will become better, that suffering will not last, is precisely what we need. So, hold on to hope.

The people in your life – Appreciate them

Imagine where we would be without the constant support of family and friends. All of us need human attention, even more so during an illness. Loneliness can take a toll on us and send us spiraling downwards. Therefore, start valuing the people who’re always there, they count.

See the bigger picture – Gain clarity

While it is good to assess a situation realistically, we must not forget to look at the bigger picture. You may choose to look at your disease as a significant event in your life or look at it like it was a speck of dust in an eternity of moments. You may also see it as a wake-up call to no longer ignore your health and lifestyle-related concerns.

Welcome pain – It is a gift

It may sound strange to hear, but many people would tell you that they have benefitted from seeing their disease as a gift. It taught them to value all the strengths they earlier used to take for granted – like the ability to walk around, to reach office every day and be able to work and spend time with family.

Stay Positive – It boosts immunity

Not only is positive thinking essential to keep hopeful in life, but it is also therapeutic for various illnesses as it boosts our immune system. Diseases attack us because of a weak immune system, and positive thinking helps in reversing that process.

Get enough sleep – It is elementary

Illnesses can tie you to bed sometimes. Making the most of the day would involve much sleeping in such a situation. You should listen to your body and give proper rest to your body so that it may function optimally.

Get a health insurance plan – To guard yourself

Seeing someone go through the ordeal of a serious illness should remind you how transitory and unpredictable life really is. You should buy a health insurance plan for yourself as well as medical insurance for parents, guarding you and your family’s future against unwanted moments.

Have the courage to fight hard times than get defeated by it.



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