Treat Antibiotic With Care, IMA Issues advisory to Doctors


The growing resistance to antibiotics in bacterial infection has become a cause for concern for the IMA. Indian medical association has asked the doctors to be careful because it is being overused by the doctors which make its use redundant. Antibiotics are used to treat the bacterial infections.

Doctors had started advising patients to take up an antibiotic for every bacterial infection. People took it easy and did not care about the effect of it on our body. people do self-medication by taking antibiotics unaware of the body which in time develops resistance against it. national health policy also indicates a policy regarding it for the doctors where it clearly mentions that strict guidelines to be followed while prescribing antibiotics. The antibiotics should be clearly mentioned on the prescription list.

The Antibiotic

the cases of multidrug resistance in India has increased due to large-scale unchecked use of antibiotics in India. National Anti-Microbial Resistance Research and Surveillance Network (AMRRSN) was set up for the surveillance of the cases related to the antimicrobial resistance and make proper data record about it so that a comprehensive action plan can be laid out in multiple states of India.

Indian Council of medical research was the brain behind the program but the results could not be obtained as envisioned by the doctors and scientists. the poor implementation of the plan has become one of the many reasons for the failure of the program which could have been truly successful in combating the multidrug resistance cases in India. The Indian medical association advises not to prescribe antibiotics for the fever with a cough and cold, chikungunya, dengue, malaria etc.

People in these cases become self-experts and without doctor’s prescription take antibiotics. It has also warned that no refilling of antibiotics should be done without the permission of the doctors.

The Future Ahead of Current Situation

we cannot accomplish this task without stronger implementation in all the states of India. The action plan created in the national health policy has to be followed strongly by the state bodies.

The main responsibility has come to the doctors who have been prescribing antibiotics without a check and this led to an indiscriminate use of it. Doctors are also monetarily rewarded by private companies. The people will have to be more cautious about the medications they are taking without the prescription of the doctors. The overuse of the antibiotic has created this situation and tomorrow it can be applied to any other drugs too.

What government can do is to conduct regular and surprise audit of the healthcare facilities to determine the condition of the situation. More work to be done to sensitize people about the harmful effects of the overuse of the antibiotics because the bacterial disease will not be able to be cured if the resistance develops. there’s should also be a check on the chemist shop where people directly ask for medicines without even visiting doctors and this is one the biggest reason for the increased resistance.



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