To do better performance in examinations, Follow these Tips

To do better performance in examinations, Follow these Tips

This is the time when both student and guardians face the pressure of exams. Students are pressured to perform better, but for this, there is a need to take balanced initiatives towards health as well as education. Balanced initiatives make it easier for students to memorize and read the lessons learned. Emit Post has given the following tips for adopting a healthy lifestyle in the upcoming examinations.To do better performance in examinations, Follow these Tips

Regular exercise: Physical activity is an important factor in improving academic performance. Studies in the University of British Columbia have told that by doing aerobic exercise every day, that part of the brain develops, which has the ability to have oral memory and learning. Exercise causes the flow of oxygen to the brain, thereby improving the memory and thinking ability of the students.

Healthy Diet: It is a good habit to incorporate a healthy diet into your daily routine, but it increases its importance at the time of the examination, Consumption of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, milk, and fish is considered to be a good diet. To fulfill this, all the nutritional needs of the students are met.To do better performance in examinations, Follow these Tips

Need for nutritious food is needed for brain activity and ability to remember. Along with this, the style of healthy eating habits also protects us from diseases, so that students can devote their full attention to the examinations.

Incorporating appropriate Ayurveda (Herb) in daily diet: According to Ayurveda and modern studies, Brahmi enhances memory, intelligence and alertness. It is a powerful mental tonic, which claims to increase memory, bring clarity in thinking. Its daily use encourages mental efficiency which helps students achieve their goals.

Adequate Sleep: During the examination, the most essential things include adequate sleep, in which the students often take negligence. Students preparing for the exam should take at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep for good mental and physical health.

A research conducted at Harvard University revealed that there was strong relationship between sleep and memory. According to research, those who take enough sleep, their grades were more than those who were less sleepy. By adopting these simple methods and studying, students will definitely be able to achieve good success in the upcoming examinations.



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