Preventive health checkup is the most effective way of promoting healthy living. Here’s why!

Nayati Medicity

Preventive health checkup is a thorough medical investigation that is carried out to review the complete physical and mental well-being of an individual. It includes a series of medical tests that are made affordable in a single package. It has a few basic objectives, none bigger than promoting healthy living in the community and ensuring the well-being of each and every individual.

Preventive health checkup is the first point of contact to improve the quality of life of both healthy people, as well as the ones suffering from various diseases. The main purpose of preventive health checkups is disease prevention and disease reversal. PHC’s detect diseases in the early stages, even before they are clinically evident. Many lifestyles diseases are also reversed by regular checkups through a scientific approach.

A preventive health checkup provider offers comprehensive healthcare services for the medical needs of patients suffering from various health conditions. One of the best Multi Super Specialty hospitals in India, Nayati Healthcare offers valuable preventive health checkup packages to serve society.

The preventive health checkup package offered by Nayati Hospital includes blood tests for diabetes (FBS, PPBS, and HBA1C), cholesterol (lipid profile), liver (LFT), kidney (KFT) etc. The package also includes ECG, 2D echo, TMT, CT coronary angiography for heart, BMD (Dexa scan) for bones, mammography and Pap Smear for cancer,  audiometry for ear and PFT for lung, to name a few.

Preventive health checkups also ensure health maintenance, and control conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Early detection of severe health conditions through preventive health checkups helps in initiating the treatment before the disease turns fatal. The ultimate goal is to ensure better health for all.

“Preventive health checkups provide increased accessibility to advanced health care system for the community in a cost-effective manner, resulting in excellent health outcomes and prevention of dangerous diseases,” says a health practitioner at Nayati Hospital.

Many healthcare providers like Nayati Healthcare specialize in diagnosing, treating and preventing a variety of medical conditions in the community through preventive health checkups. It is responsible for screening all major health-related conditions to benefit the people while handling complex and chronic conditions for a healthy living.



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