People Keep Buying Bottled water because they Fear Death


Toronto: In the past few years, you must have realized that our dependence on bottled water is increasing. There was a time when people did not care as much as bottled water and used to take water from the tunnels on the railway stations or on the roadside handpumps even during the journey. Even though a large number of people do not use bottled water even today, the number of those who use it has increased sharply. Have you ever wondered why this is? Actually, one study shows that people purchase bootled water due to fear of death.

Yes, you read right. Scientists say that people are aware of the fact that bottled water has no special benefits, but the fear of death forces people to buy bottled water. One study found that most of the propagation of bottled water deeply targets human psychological sensitivity and forces them to buy and use a particular product. Stephen Coat, who researched the University of Waterloo in Canada, said that bottled water campaigners play two important ways with our greatest fear.

Coat said, “The fear of death prevents us from falling into danger. Some people find bottled water safe and clean. In the subconscious, there is a deep desire to die. “The researcher studied the methods of propagating bottled water for 21 companies in depth. For this, various means of marketing campaigns such as ads, photographs, and videos were studied. This method of study was named Social Psychology Terror Management Theory.



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