Life Expectancy In India Improved; 69 Yrs: UN Human Development Index


New UN Human Development Index has been released containing data of 189 surveyed countries. For India it is to some extent comparatively positive with the earlier few reports. The country now ranks 130 and massive progress is revealed.

In 1990 the life expectancy in India was just 57.9 years. The latest index reveals it has gone high to 68.8 years.

Similarly, the per capita income then was $1,733 (in PPP) while in the new index it has increased to $6,353.

In whole, India has done better in the period than most of the South Asian countries. HDI of the country too is higher than the South Asian average. The global average of HDI has increased 22 percent while the same for India is nearly 50 percent.

Expected years of school in India is 12.3. In Bangladesh it is 11.4 while in Pakistan it is 8.6.

However, there is something that would hurt Indians. The index reveals people living in Bangladesh have more life expectancy than India. It is 73 years. For Pakistan it is just 66.6 years.

The country that ranked last in HDI is Niger while the topper is Norway, where the live expectancy is 82 years.

Life expectancy in Niger is just 60 years.



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