Hexavalent Vaccine To Prevent Six Diseases, Serum and Panacea Join Hands

The company says it is committed to the development of an easy and affordable solution to the children of the developing countries


Hexavalent Vaccine will be launched by the Serum Institute of India, after a joint partnership with Panacea Biotec. They have decided to produce a liquid hexavalent vaccine (DTaP–IPV–PRP-T–HBs) for the children. Currently, in India, a pentavalent vaccine is administered to the children and oral polio vaccine.

With the introduction of the Hexavalent Vaccine, it will be much easier for the 121 million children in the developing countries. The vaccine is developed by the Panacea Biotec, while the production of the vaccine will take place under the Serum Institue of India. This will be one of its kind vaccine developed which provides antigens for the prevention of six diseases; Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis, Hepatitis B, Haemophilus influenza type B and Polio.

The company says it is committed to the development of an easy and affordable solution to the children of the developing countries. The vaccine will be sold under the brand name EasySix. While the Serum Institute of India will provide the IPV( Injectable Polio Vaccine) to the Panacea Biotec.

They believe that that it should be soon included in the national immunization programme so that each child can be benefitted from the vaccine. The expansion of the market will take place soon in the more developing countries. India lacks the basic primary care required for the children and people.The future for the children would be much better with the improvement in the primary health care.

Hexavalent Vaccine

India has been declared Polio free country by the WHO, but the state has to be proactive in its approach to the risk and prevention of the other disease. The healthcare is one of the most neglected sectors in the Indian development agenda. We hope that the introduction of the vaccine becomes a lifesaver for the millions of children in the country.

The Global vaccination and immunization programme includes IPV, which has been instructed in the WHO report. The eradication of polio has received worldwide support and India after a long and successful strategy and planning has been able to eradicate the disease of polio. This Hexavalent Vaccine will provide immunity to the children and avoid the constant injection which was required for different diseases during a course of two months.

Both the company feel that this is the historic movement for both of them and for the world as we have reached the next stage of the Immunization Programme. The main problems faced earlier in the child due to injection was swelling, redness, itching and mild fever. But with the introduction of Hexavalent Vaccine, the single dose for the six disease will help in the immunization.

Globally, there has been a shortage of the polio vaccine due to rise in population and less production of the vaccine. The team behind this vaccine aims at creating a global framework for the adoption of the latest vaccine so that every child can benefit from the latest inventions in the medicine. The company is targeting a market size of a billion dollars with this affordable vaccine which could potentially save the life of millions of children.



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