Tera Intezaar Movie Review by Emit Post


Tera Intezaar is Arbaaz Khan and Sunny Leone’s movie, a romantic thriller movie. It is Directed by Rajiv Walia while Aman Mehta and Bijal Mehta have produced it. People loved the movie trailer quite well. Most of the shootings were shot in Mumbai and some parts in Kutch and Mauritius. This movie has been made under the banner of Bejshree Films. For the first time in the film where Arbaaz and Sunny Leone pair will be seen. Sudha Chandran, Arya Babbar, and Gauhar Khan will also be seen in important roles.

In the film, you will not only see Sunny’s boldness but also a girl wandering for her love. The story is from Raunak (Sunny Leone) and Rajiv (Arbaaz Khan). Rajiv makes a picture of the sunny look without looking at that which seems absolutely realistic. When Rooney looks at his picture, he gets shocked. When she asks Rajiv about it, she says that the person who comes in her dreams has made a picture of the same girl.

This is the beginning of the romance story of Raunaq and Rajiv. They always live together and love each other. But suddenly Rajeev disappears, later he realizes that he has died. In the meantime, some people start bothered while trying to take advantage of this situation of Raunak. But Rajeev’s spirit protects his love by coming in between and also revenge upon his killers.



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