Karnataka Boy Who Was Declared Dead Shocked Everyone On The Way


    There are many incidents happening in our day to day life. Some of our incidents are we believe that this particular thing could happen and some of incidents are unbelieveable. So Here Is a Story about 17 yr old Karnataka Boy Who Was Declared Dead Woke Up On The Way To His Funeral. Everyone was shocked listening about his death but some Miracle Happened.2_1487573899

    This boy was bitten by a stray dog one month ago. and  Kumar Marewad have high fever one week ago which he was admitted in Dharwad hospital. As the condition got worse Doctors, Put him on Ventilator.

    A curarized patient in intensive care.

    The doctors told Kumar relative’s clearly that He won’t be alive if he will remove him from Ventilator. and later the family decided to shift kumar to home.

    According to the Source when Kumar was taken to home. He was not breathing at all. and not doing any type of body movements. Their Relatives presumed that he was dead. So then they asked the villagers to make arrangements for his funeral and headed straight to perform his last rites.

    karnataka-600x314 (1)Barely after 2km from village Suddenly Kumar Started breathing fast, Moving his legs and hands then their relatives took kumar to the nearest hospital situated on the Gokul road where he was putted on the ventilator for recovery.

    Dr Mahesh Neelakhantannavar said: “Kumar is on the ventilator. We suspect he suffers from meningoencephalitis, an infection caused due to a dog bite. “

    Kumar has Opened his eyes but His parent’s are worried about his treatement.

    “Kumar stopped going to school after class IX to support us. He used to work as a construction labourer. His elder brother is physically challenged. We need support for his treatment.”

    Get well Soon Kumar. We are always with you.

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