Why Hill Resort Mount Abu Is Must-Visit Tourist Spot

mount abu

Visiting places that have sophisticated hotels and restaurants can be perfect but often it lacks real warmth. In Mount Abu, you can find the original feeling of hospitality as you visit various tourist spots and meet dozens of interesting people. Touring Mount Abu will prove to be more than an ordinary voyage. It will deepen your understanding of the locals and their culture. On reaching Mount Abu you can immediately feel the difference.

In simple term, Mount Abu is like a tranquil lake, perfect for idyllic boat ride. Having a walk is beautifully perfect. The tiny hill resort is so quiet that you can hear your own thoughts. The place is famous for its exquisitely carved marble temples.

  • Dilwara Jain Temples

To visit Delwara Jain Temple you need to have some more spare time from your itinerary as it is located more than two kilometers away from Mount Abu. No matter how much one hears or reads about these temples, nothing can prepare one for the sheer elegance and beauty of marble as displayed here. Dedicated to saints known as the Tirthankaras, the exquisitely carved marble temples of Dilawara are the finest examples of Jain temples in India. These temples were and also served as storehouses of illustrated manuscripts and treatises.

  • Sunset Point

You can walk down in the evening through the leafy country lanes to Sunset Point. On reaching here you will come to know there are people everywhere. Climb up to a vantage point to watch the famous sunset and participate in the ritual of adding your share to the coffers of Messrs.

  • Nakki Lake

Boating at Nakki Lake is another attraction in Mount Abu. There are heart throbbing and marvelous view surrounding the Lake, which adds excitement while exploring the lake on paddle boats. The charges for boats are nominal.

  • Shopping

After an enjoyable boating in Nakki Lake, do visit Nakki Maal (Nakki Lake Market), famous area for shopping. You can purchase all famous arts and crafts of Rajasthan from here like – Jewelry, fabrics, wooden articles, gemstones, metal crafts and more.



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