Fanatic or Freedom fighter: The renewed debate on Tipu Sultan

    tipu sultan

    New Delhi: The Government of Karnataka is going to celebrate the birth anniversary of Tipu Sultan, who was the ruler of Mysore in the 18th century. Many organizations and political nominees have come forward to protest against this. He claims that Tipu Sultan was a staunch fan of Indian history and a massacre of Hindus. Therefore, his birth anniversary should not be celebrated. In opposition to Tipu Sultan, the BJP has also lifted the flag. Tipu Sultan is a hero of history but a dispute arose only about the same Tipu Sultan’s cruel, communal and anti-Hindu face. Tipu Sultan, whose identity was so far as a brave ruler, was also another face of Tipu Sultan, which no one fully knows. It is said that Tipu was as brave as Sultan, the same was also a barbarian. Some people consider him as anti-Hindu and hardcore Muslim King just like Aurangzeb.

    The people of all religions and communities were not happy in his sultanate. Especially the Hindus took many years to recover from the tyranny of Tipu Sultan. The cruelty of this Sultan was that even today millions of people are shocked to hear Tipu’s name and are not ready to consider him as a patriot Hindustani king.

    The evidence of Tipu Sultan being a Hindu anti-King and its stories of cruelty is less in the history books, but according to the official records of the Indian archives, ie History, there is also information about Tipu Sultan which also brings him to a tyrannical and hardcore Muslim King tells.

    It is said in the report of the British Commission that Tipu Sultan made millions of Hindus forcibly Muslims and forced thousands of Hindus to eat beef. He also gave 700 Iyengar Brahmins to the gallows. After the victory of Calicut, hanging women and children and crushing thousands of Hindus under the feet of elephants.

    Tipu Sultan has been a protagonist of Indian history, about which different things have been said in different documents. The opinions of historians themselves are also startling about Tipu Sultan. Some documents about Tipu Sultan, which is called the great in history, make such claims that after knowing them, history may also be forced to think about Tipu Sultan again.

    William Logan, a British author and senior officer in the British government, wrote in his book Malabar Manual, how Tipu Sultan had a terrible catastrophe in Calicut with his soldiers.

    • Men and women were hanged
    • Children were hanged on mother’s neck
    • Order to break down the temples and churches of the city
    • Hindu women were forced to marry forcibly
    • Hindus were asked to adopt Islam
    • It was ordered to kill those who did not adopt Islam

    There is no allegation against Tipu Sultan being anti-Hindu. There are so many evidence that they present it as a communal and hardcore Muslim king. Many historians today also confirm this point. Because of the atrocities of Tipu Sultan, he is also called Aurangzeb of South India. In the Mysore Gazette, it has been written that Tipu broke 8,000 temples of south India. Tipu Sultan had killed thousands of Hindus in Barbar Sahib in Mysore and Kargil of Karnataka. In the Kurg district, Tipu Sultan converted a large number of Hindus to Islam and made them Muslim.

    In many places, there is also the mention of that letter, which Tipu Sultan has written the name of his special associate Saeed Abdul Dulai and one of his officials, Jamman Khan. In this letter, Tipu has written that the Prophet Muhammad and Allah’s Karam have made all the Hindus of Calicut as Muslims. Only the people of the border areas of Cochin State could not be converted. I will achieve success in this too soon.

    In the letter written to the Nawab of Kurnool, Tipu Sultan had claimed that he had consolidated 40 thousand Hindus of Coorg and accepted him from Islam after joining him in his army. The history of Tipu Sultan indicates that as soon as he sat on the throne he declared Mysore a Muslim state. For this, he made a massive conversion. Those who oppose it, they were killed.

    Not to mention that history is not ashamed as Tipu as Shere-Mysore, it is also recorded in the books of the same history that when Tipu became Sultan of Mysore, he had ordered the burning of rare Hindu texts and manuscripts in the Library of Mysore Palace. Not only that, the message was written on Tipu Sultan’s sword also revealed that it was used to kill infidels. Tipu had adopted a sword on his sword – “Help my master to help me eliminate the infidels from the world”

    The documents of Tipu Sultan show that he wanted to restore Islam to India again. For this, he also sent some foreign rulers to Padgam. He had written a letter to the Afghan king of Afghanistan and the caliph of Turkey asking for an attack on India and enforcing the rule of Islam again here. His friendly attitude towards the French also points towards this.

    He wanted to expel the British with the Emperor of France and wanted to apply the Mughlia regime again with the help of French rule in India. But that was not fulfilled. Tipu Sultan had said in one place that even if I find the whole world, I will continue to do whatever I am doing.



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