Over the years Horror films are diluted by comedy, sex and songs but The House Next Door is exception to that says Siddharth


South Indian actor Siddharth who is making his comeback in Bollywood after Chashme Baddoor (2013) attended trailer launch of his upcoming film ‘The House Next Door’ along with Atul Kulkarni, Andrea Jeremiah and Anisha Victor on Tuesday in Mumbai. While interacting with media, Siddharth stated that over the years, a film which falls into the category of the horror genre are diluted by comedy, sex, and songs but his upcoming film ‘The House Next Door’ is an exception to it.

When asked Siddharth who is also producing this film, what challenges he faced while making this film, He said, “I like to make movies. I have been in the industry for about 17 years’s now so same thing with horror. I like to get scared and I like to make horror film as well.”

“The big challenge in this film was being honest about our self. Over the years, the horror genre is diluted by everyone. Someone includes comedy in it and someone includes sex or songs in it so with this film, the idea was to make a pure horror film. I always believe that truer you stay to the genre, more the fan will respond to it”

“More often, after seeing the trailer of the film, people get idea about the entire film but another challenge was that what to show in the trailer and what to retain in the film so even after seeing the trailer, audience will not get clear picture of the plot of this film because this film offers much more than its trailer”

When asked Siddharth that is this film will match up to horror films which are made in Hollywood, Siddharth said, “Yes. Our intention is that. I would like to show this film who inspired us from West.  I feel if we release our film around our favorite horror genre filmmakers then they will absolutely watch this film and it is obvious that I will not show them sub-standard film so I feel given our audience and market, it will completely new experience so yes, it is on par film with any Hollywood horror film but this will be determined by the audience who will watch our film in cinemas”

South Indian actress Andrea Jeremiah is making her Bollywood debut with this film and earlier at the trailer launch, she confessed that she gets scared while watching horror films, so when asked her what prompted her to make debut in Bollywood with horror film, She said, “I feel acting in a horror film is very different from having to watch it. I haven’t even watched the trailer of the film but a film is a film. It’s a good script, great team and as an actor I would have been a fool to not to do it. Sid (Siddharth) is very good friend of mine and I love the vision both he and Milind had for this film so I am really happy to be part of it”

Siddharth and Atul Kulkarni are working with each other after almost 11 years when they last seen together in Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra’s ‘Rang De Basanti’, talking about their friendship on and off the set Atul Kulkarni said, “We keep on meeting. The best thing that happens as a crew of ‘Rang De Basanti’ is that all of us are still very good friends and we keep on meet each other every now and then so it’s not that I met him after 12 years but I have worked with him after 12 years. In ‘Rang De Basanti’, amongst all the characters, both our character shared very different chemistry. I still remember the scene where, where we share smoke (Cigarette) and that was very wonderful chemistry that both these characters had without speaking with each other and that continued. I feel that friendship of all these years really helped us while making this film.”

‘The House Next Door’ stars Siddharth, Atul Kulkarni, Andrea Jeremiah and Anisha Victor in lead roles. It is directed by Milind rau and presented by Viacom18 Motion Pictures.

It is scheduled to release on 3rn November, 2017.



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