Watch How Much Tubelight Earned after 7 Days


On June 23, Salman Khan’s film TubLight was released in cinemas. Although Critics did not like Salman’s film, it got a very low rating and it got a very low rating. So the audience also turned Salman’s film out of the way. That is, on the occasion of Eid, Salman’s dancer was ringing till now, while the Eid Dabang’s tube light was fading. The release of over 4300 screens in India, TubeLight, has earned close to Rs 118 crore in seven days.
Actually, Salman’s films have been making a record of earning one after the last several years. In this way, everyone had great expectations from the tube lights on this occasion. But the film did not get a special response from Critics. But there was a setback to the film’s team when the audience also rejected Salman’s film. On the first day i.e. 21.15 crores on Friday, 21.17 crores on the second day, 22.45 crores on the third day, 19.09 crores on the fourth day, 12 crores on the fifth day and 11 crores on the sixth day. According to the news of ABP, the film has done the business of 10.75 crores on the seventh day. Due to this, the total earnings of this film has now become close to 117.61 crore.
In film Tuliite, Salman plays a retarded young man, Laxman, whose younger brother is lost in the war between India and China. Laxman tries every possible way to find whom. Salman, who has always been seen in his films, has appeared in the film immensely emotionally. In this film of Salman, Shahrukh Khan also has a cameo role.



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