Suga from BTS calls out K-pop music labels for mistreating artists.


Suga of BTS called out South Korean music labels for treating their singers and other talents as if they were “products.”

In an interview with Weverse Magazine, the singer expressed his thoughts on how the K-pop industry has been extremely troublesome in terms of how it treats its musicians to the point of weariness.

“The beautiful thing about the label I’m with is that they value the opinions of the artists. I believe both us and the label have a good idea of what kinds of initiatives would be most profitable commercially. But the question is if the body can withstand it “He stated.

If you get tired of doing such promotional things all the time, it’s difficult to do them the way you did when you first appeared.” In that instance, I believe the label should aggressively accommodate the artist’s perspectives on what they can and cannot accomplish.

“An attitude that says, ‘Oh, we made you kids, and as long as you just do what we tell you to, it’ll all work out, so just do it,’ I don’t think that makes any sense.” Of course, there may still be instances where the label is required to be forceful in this manner. However, I’ve heard that a label will just say, “Do it,” with no explanation to the artist, or, “Why are you talking so much?” That, I believe, is the most serious problem, and it is ruining the industry.

“How can an artist accomplish anything creative if they are just seen as a product? I believe it is quite illogical to ask the performers on stage to put on a fun and pleasurable show when they are neither having fun nor enjoying themselves “Added he.



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