Padmavati becomes Padmavat For CBFC, Bad days Of 2017 For Bollywood


Padmavati is a film dug deep into controversy by the unwanted protest from Politically supported Fringe groups, who have hijacked the movie release. Central board of film certification has come up with an innovative solution, which seems to only work in a country like India.

They have decided to remove the letter i from the Padmavati, thus naming it Padmavat. It is slated to be released on 9th February 2018. It is a ridiculous solution to the ridiculous problem.

The Padmavati
First they central board of film certification’s chairman Prasoon Joshi concluded that they would form a six-member committee which will look into the release of the film. They would be first asked to review the film. The committee will consist of members from the royal family who seem to have the most problematic from the release of the film.

The film which is yet not released has found enough protestors who are protesting the release of the film even without seeing at first.  The earlier incident which involved an attack on the Padmavati set where the director of the film Sanjay Leela Bhansali was slapped and the set if the film was dismantled by the Rajput Karni Sena.They said they cannot allow anyone to tamper with the glorious historical figure which has deep cultural traditional roots with the current generation.

It is ironical to state that these people were and are a silent spectator to the gross ill-treatment of women and children in their state, child marriage problem if their state. The protest mainly concerned the states like Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh. Many graves, irresponsible, inhumane and regressive remarks were made by representatives of different outfits who finally seem to have found an issue worth caring in their life while there is nothing as of an issue at all.

It is not just the protests which went against the film, a few of the states outrightly refused to showcase the film in their state if it was released signifying their deeper relationship with their political bases.


Nothing new is seen in this issue of Padmavati which became just another example in the long list of the victims of Political groups. The political outfits having the support of people in power find themselves in the power to leverage any situation they deem fit to gain false importance and fake popularity.

To bank upon the issue which is nothing in the matter of decisions in people life, they aim to create a regressive atmosphere of fear and anarchy.  In the year 2017, Bollywood saw not one but multiple threats to their freedom of expression in the name of fake nationalism and political propaganda. The issue with Udta Panjab to the ai did hai muskil, each one of it reminds the kind of environment exists for the art and culture in India.

The cruel joke of democracy is evident when the deal between a filmmaker and political leader is brokered at the chief minister’s Residence for releasing a film. Nothing can be a more serious concern than this when a creative person has to fight in court for the safe release of the film.



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