Man Decorated The Car with Rs 2000 Notes What Happened Next Will Shock Him


As we all know that Valentine’s day is the Most Important day for the lovers to express love for their belovedValentine-Day-GreetingsValentine-Day-GreetingsActually Gifts are the most special thing to give in various type of situations to impress someone and make them happy.

A pile of Christmas gifts in colorful wrapping with ribbons.

This man has done something extremely new which no one could imagine. I am telling a Story of a Mumbai Man Who decorated his Honda City Car with 2000 Rs notes for creating good impression for his valentine but as soon as the car landed on the road Mumbai Police were Shocked and detained the Person with his car According to Amar Ujalayoutube-2

Rumors are always ahead it is said that this work is done for gaining Publicity 🙂

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