Hina Khan claims Bigg Boss to be fixed as Shilpa Shinde emerges as winner


On Sunday, Bigg Boss season 11 came to an end with Shilpa Shinde emerging as the winner. Defeat is hard to accept, especially if you are obsessed fans who are highly invested in the win of your favourite star.

If the platform that we are talking about is Bigg Boss, the claims and counter-claims are so much more thriller. As Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hain fame actor Shilpa Shinde won the reality show Bigg Boss 11 Sunday night and TV star Hina Khan ended up as the first runner-up for the season, Twitter was a war zone. While Shilpa’s fans were jubilant, Hina’s fans were already looking for conspiracy theories.

While Hina has been generous in her post-finale interviews, her fans refuse to see reason. Hina even said that the show’s host Salman Khan informed her that the difference of votes between her and Shilpa was a mere thousand. Hina’s fans, however, claim the show was fixed and Shilpa won as a result.

Rumours of Shilpa winning the show began floating online by Sunday evening and Hina’s fans were quick to pour out their anger on Twitter. Soon enough, #FixedWinnerShilpaShinde was one of the top trends in India.

While some claimed Shilpa’s vote share was fixed beforehand, others believed Shilpa entered the show with a pre-signed contract that she would be declared as the winner eventually!

However, apart from the angry rants, there is no other proof that hints towards the winner of Bigg Boss 11 being fixed, as is being alleged.

Hina has gracefully accepted Shilpa’s victory and said every contestant is a winner as they struggled inside the house for survival.

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