Film Padmavati celebrates India says Shahid Kapoor


Actor Shahid Kapoor attended closing ceremony of 19th Jio MAMI Film Festival on Wednesday in Mumbai. While interacting with media, Shahid stated that his upcoming film ‘Padmavati’ celebrates India.

Earlier this year, activists of Shri Rajput Karni Sena assaulted Bhansali and vandalised the movie’s Jaipur set over alleged distortions in the film’s script.

They were forced to move to Maharashtra to continue shooting. Still, an outdoor set of the historic period drama in Kolhapur was burnt down after two dozen unidentified people torched it.

The Shri Rajput Karni Sena has maintained it will oppose screening of the film if the facts are “distorted”, reacting to that Shahid said, “This has been going on about a year but I think the right thing to do at this point of time is to allow right authorities to deal it with it. Mr. Sanjay Leela Bhansali and everybody who is at the helm of affairs need us to not really comment on it because we need to contain the situation”

‘All I can say is that, we are ready to release the film at 1st December, I really feel that it’s a film that everybody will proud of, every Indian will be proud of because it celebrates India, it celebrates our culture, it celebrates what we stand for. It shows everybody who is from this country in the most amazing light and that is the endeavor of this film. I feel people will truly see that when they will watch the film. They should really watch the film to form an opinion about it”

Talking about the feeling of playing Raja Rawal Ratan Singh in ‘Padmavati’, Shahid said, ‘It’s been a journey of one year. It’s a film which everybody worked very hard on and it’s a privilege to be Rajput king. I feel very proud as an Indian to play a king from a dynasty which is known to be brave, fearless and respectful towards women. It’s a legendary tale about amazing people who existed at that time. I am privileged to play Raja Rawal Ratan Singh and privileged to play king from the dynasty of Chittor and Mewad. It’s difficult to express my feelings right here. I want people to see the film because I know the trailers and looks are out, everybody is talking about it but really you have to see the film to understand what it’s about to truly experience it ”

‘Padmavati’ is one of biggest film of this year in terms of budget, scale and performances but producers of the film haven’t even formally launched trailer of the film and they are not even implementing any marketing strategies when film have less 45 days to its release, reacting to less marketing strategy from the makers, Shahid said, ‘I am also waiting but that again is not up to me. The trailer is out and the response for the trailer has been phenomenal. The trailer speak for itself, the film will speak for itself. When people will see the film, whatever everybody has done, energies that everybody has put in for a year will truly be experienced onscreen, beyond that I don’t know. I am just happy being part of this film.”

Shahid’s character Raja Rawal Ratan Singh is receiving great compliments but it is looking subtle and underplayed in the trailer of the film, when asked Shahid reason for it, he said, ‘I think people are being very kind because my character in the film is really underplayed and you will discover him in the film so wait for the film to release.”

When asked  Shahid was that conscious effort on his part to play this character like that, He said, “I don’t know. These are not my choices, those of the choices of filmmakers and yeah, I have just given it my 200%, that’s it”

Padmavati  actress Actress Deepika Padukone on Wednesday urged Union Information and Broadcasting Minister Smriti Irani to take action against the attackers who ruined artist Karan Ks rangoli depicting a poster of Sanjay Leela Bhansalis “Padmavati” in Surat, Gujarat, commenting on that incident , Shahid said, “Like I said, the focus has to be to release the film. The focus has to be to allow people to experience something special and there is absolute and complete care, I feel that has been taken to keep everybody’s point of view in mind.”

“I hope people will see the film. It’s a great cinematic experience. It is made in way which will only show the people of this country in a nicest light”

In the trailer of Padmavati, Ranveer Singh who is playing Alluddin Khilji is looking brutal but audience has been praising his presence before the of the film when Shahid character looking very subtle which is leading to constant comparison between two actors, reacting to comparison between him and Ranveer, Shahid said, “I am coming from ‘Haider’ and ‘Udta Punjab’ so I have done my share of grey characters and yes. I feel gray characters are great and noble characters are extremely good at the same time. As far as comparison between me and Ranveer, it is all created by media. People are drawing comparison between my and Ranveer’s character from last one year. I think people should watch the film to decide anything”

Talking about his Diwali plans, Shahid Said, “I am spending this Diwali with my family. It’s my daughter Misha’s first Diwali so I want to spend as much time as I can with her doing normal things that any father-daughter, husband-wife do around Diwali”.

“Padmavati”, presented by Viacom18 Motion Pictures and Bhansali Productions, is set for a December 1 release.



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