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Chef’s story: Roshan Kalra (Saif) is a three-star Michelin chef who was thrown out of a restaurant in New York because he had a customer hit the punch. They are asked to forcibly break and they come to Kochi to spend time with their son Armaan (voice) and separated wife Radha Menon (Padma Priya). This trip proves to be beneficial for them because, in the meantime, they make a good effort to get their scattered family together. To give her a sense of her strengths and strength, her wife advises her that she should start a new beginning and should start her own food truck in this order.

Chef Review: In the year 2014, Hollywood director John Favro created the name from Chef and inspired by the same film, Bollywood director Raja Krishna Menon has made Saif Ali Khan with the film ‘Chef’, which will give viewers the importance of life With touching the heart, he touches his heart. Chef works at two levels. At the first level, the film takes you on a journey related to cooking and eating, where you will also feel like seeing the art of cooking the hero of the film, taking your aprons, knives and other items directly into the kitchen and shown on the screen. One can see the fun of making one of the food by eating the fingers.

Second and most importantly, this film will take you to a best emotional Journey, which seems to strengthen the weakening relationship between father-son, whose ideology is different but the bonding between them is so strong and that does not break Can go The texture of the relationship has been handled so well that many times your eyes will become moist.

The film ‘Chef’ co-parenting means that the cooperation of both the parents is essential in the upbringing of the child, also points towards this quality which has become an important need of today’s urban society.

The story of the film is based on the shoulders of Saif Ali Khan. This time Saif is looking at the screen in his stunning style, whether it is in the role of a carer father or you try to improve the relationships in the role of a heavy band, you will be very excited. Padmapriya is looking very attractive. Vocals are able to make their mark at such a young age. Shobhita Dhulipala (Vini) has done a great job, which is Roshan’s co-worker and friend.

This film will take you to a fun-filled road trip where there is a special focus on food and family. There will also be some fun matches, but Ritesh Shah’s Dialogues are smart and spot answers. However, the film looks a bit slower and it will look exactly like you are sitting on hungry stomach luncheon table and after the end of hunger, your order has come to you.

So how is chef? The story of a good chef may well be familiar to you in many places, but you will be able to enjoy this journey. Now you decide what you would like to eat while watching this movie. Popcorn or Tasty Pasta, which Roshan made in the moment.



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