Baahubali 2 Cinematographer Senthil Kumar Talks About the Making of the Movie


Cinematographer KK Senthil Kumar could hardly meet his family once he was working with SS Rajamouli on the Baahubali project. Now that Baahubali 2: The Conclusion has been released and its grand success has given the team some time off to speak about their experiences.

Even before the release of the first part of Baahubali the movie had shot Kunthala Kingdom from which Devasena is. Senthil has done a brilliant job in shooting for two different places. Kunthala a small peaceful kingdom in the hills had to be very different from the magnificent Mahishmathi which is a huge kingdom. Baahubali 2 has several memorable scenes such as Amrendra Baahubali teaching Devasena to shoot three arrows. There is no specific scene which he says is his favourite because there are so many that he likes. He credits Rajamouli for coming up with the ideas for such remarkable shots.

The bulls shown in a particular scene where some farmers are seen racing them were bought from Gujarat while the people who were seen running behind the ferocious bulls were from Karnataka because everyone cannot do this. There is skill required and there was a lot of training given before shooting this scene.

Kumar says that he studied much about how John Seale managed to shoot such wonderful day for night shots for the movie ‘Mad Max Fury Road’. He used the same technique in Baahubali. The interval sequence which shows Bhallaladeva’s coronation is said to be one of the best interval bangs in the Indian cinema.



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