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Raj and DK make absolutely different films. The viewers of these films are those who like ’99’, ‘Go Goa Gone’, ‘Chocolate’ and ‘Bluffmaster’. A Gentleman released today is also something similar. Rather, it can be said that it has been made easier, spicier.

Those who show class, Raj and DK in their new film, in fact, they want Bollywood. The film is quite fun. With so much style he has made this film that the mind repeatedly says ‘wow’. There are many scenes that make the hair fall and many times you laugh a lot. It is very rare in Indian cinema. Combining the thriller with the comedy we have to learn this industry well. In this work, Raj and DK have stepped up several steps together with ‘A Gentleman’.

He handled the double role of Siddharth Malhotra very beautifully. A civilized and second fast-paced-killer Despite having two characters, the hero does not feel the shadow in the whole film. The rest of the characters also look at their place easily … This is the beauty of the script. If you remember the Gujarati gangster who came for two scenes, leaving the cinema hall, it is really a big deal.

The story will be known only by going to the hall, just know that it has played with the time both the directors have played together. The audience has forced them to think that they should make them feel. It is possible only when you work hard on writing.

It’s been fun to see Jacqueline Fernandez He laughed fiercely. This was the only act that needed these films. They dance well so they are good One or two songs could have been reduced. The film ‘Gun Mera Laila’ is a new era. It takes only fewer songs to enter the action sequence. After Anurag Kashyap gang, this looks beautiful in Raj and DK’s work.

The action may seem overwhelming but that level is not bad. Overall, it is a fun experience and gives two hours of stress without passing.

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