8th Day Collections Of Shivaay & ADHM Are Out! Finally Shivaay Has Proved Its Power!


Karan Johar’s movie ADHM and Ajay Devgn’s Shivaay showed a stable performance at the end of first week. Both the flicks collected good numbers and makers were finally satisfied. However, it was disappointing for ‘Shivaay’ because ADHM remained ahead of it since day 1. This is because it was a romantic drama along with all big stars Ash, Anushka and Ranbir. On the other hand Shivaay was a 1-man show.

Now the movies have entered in its 2nd week; let us see how they have fared!


On the 8th day i.e. on the 2nd Friday, the collections of ADHM fell by around 30 percent. Yes, it minted 4.56 crores, bringing the total to 84.75 crores. It is moving towards to the 100 crore club at a very fast pace. The opening was grand, but it was on Monday and Tuesday, that the collections jumped, owing to holidays as well as positive feedback by audience.

Day 1- ₹ 13.30 crores

Day 2- ₹ 13.10 crores

Day 3- ₹ 9.20 crores

Day 4- ₹ 17.75 crores

Day 5- ₹ 13.03 crores

Day 6- ₹ 7.63 crores

Day 7- ₹ 6.18 crores

Day 8- ₹ 4.56 crores

Total- ₹ 84.75 crores

Shivaay collections drop!

Even though Shivaay picked up pace on the weekdays, it witnessed a drop in collections on the 2nd Friday. On the 8th day, it collected Rs 4.61 crores, thereby bringing the total to 75.02 crores. 100 crore club looks difficult for Shivaay; but nothing can be said! May be the collections will once again jump on the weekend. But we are happy about one thing; on the 8th day Shivaay has beaten ADHM! You rock Ajay Devgn…

Day 1- ₹ 10.24 crores

Day 2- ₹ 10.06 crores

Day 3- ₹ 8.26 crores

Day 4- ₹ 17.35 crores

Day 5- ₹ 11.05 crores

Day 6- ₹ 7.40 crores

Day 7- ₹ 6.05 crores

Day 8- ₹ 4.61 crores

Total- ₹ 75.02 crores

So finally Shivaay has proved its power by leading the race! We love you Ajay Devgn…

So guys what do you have to say about the collections? Do share your views in our comments section below!




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