What Makes Online Courses the Best Option for Competitive Exams

Online Courses

Engineering and medical sciences are two most sought-after educational fields in the country. Every year millions of students throughout India dream of these careers with an aim to get into the most prestigious institutions. IITs, AIIMSs, NITs, and other institutions remain on the top of the list and clearing their respective entrance examination is mandatory. The competition is stern since a lot of students apply for the entrance examination to these institutions.

Every student has a different approach to preparing for these entrance examinations. However, coaching is one thing that is common among all aspirants. Though, most students opt for various forms of coaching; ranging from classroom study programs to online programs. Furthermore, there is also a trend in the northern part of India, where students go to Kota, Rajasthan for coaching classes.

However, it does not turn out to be beneficial for everyone,and more than half the students end up being depressed and stressed out. Hence, students who want to stay with their family and are anxious about moving to a different city altogether should consider online courses to prepare for these competitive exams.

Here is what makes online courses the best option to prepare for competitive exams.

  1. Study from Home – Convenience

Online courses give students the freedom to study from their home without traveling to distant parts of the city or even changing cities altogether. Digital platforms like Aakash iTutor and Aakash Live provide comprehensive online courses for both medical and engineering aspirants.

Since time management is a must when preparing for these competitive exams, students must opt for mediums that improve their efficiency. Furthermore, traveling is hectic and can add more stress to their life. By taking online courses, students can prepare equally well, without adding any anxiety to their life.

  1. Learn, Revise, Repeat – Video Lectures

Students who like studying alone by themselves can take advantage of video lectures provided with online courses. Those who are looking for the best online coaching for IIT JEEcan consider Aakash iTutor as it provides over 1500 hours of video lectures. Students can watch and learn from these lectures since they are no different than going to an actual class. Introverts and students who perform best when alone can learn the concepts better and watch the videos repeatedly. It also helps them in focusing the weak areas better.

  1. Mock Tests

One of the reasons many students join coaching institutes is because of the availability of mock tests. It is true that most institutes conduct sample tests frequently which aid in better preparation. However, with the advent of online classes, this has changed significantly. Today, with a digital study medium, students can appear for various ranked tests right from their home. Digital learning courses provided by Aakash iTutor are equipped with over 1000 practice tests including AIATS (All India Aakash Test Series) that analyses the performance of students.

  1. Study Material – eBooks

Another reason most students opt for coaching classes is that of study materials. Students will try and collect study material from various sources and often end up mixing and matching. This leads to confusion and making it difficult for students to navigate between chapters. However, online courses provide students with comprehensive eBooks that have everything right at their fingertips.

These books are easy to understand, interactive and have graphical representations of various concepts. Furthermore, the content is searchable, and even the font is adjustable. A complete digital learning solution for students who do not want to study under pressure.

  1. Consult – Doubt Resolution

This remains the number one problem for students who are anxious about the competitive exams. Most students in classroom learning programs hesitate in asking questions to resolve their doubts. Instead, they would keep quiet and avoid taking help from their teachers.

Also,it is not entirely possible to address doubts on a regular basis. However, with digital mediums and online courses, doubts are a thing of the past. With digital learning courses like Aakash iTutor, students can ask questions and get their doubts resolved from the experts at Aakash. Isn’t that great?

Students who are anxious about their career and want to prepare for competitive exams can consider online courses as an alternative. Some students live in remote areas where accessing quality education is difficult. Such students can take immense benefits from online courses without having to leave their home cities. Online courses provide complete 360-degree preparation tools that a student can leverage for their career goals.



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