Naveen Patnaik pulled a PM Narendra Modi tactic by Children’s Day Celebration live Telecast

Naveen patnaik copied PM Narendra Modi by Children's Day Celebration live telecast

Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik surely have a way of his own. The “reserved” nature chief minister was today spotted quite frank, laughing and interacting with school kids on this year’s Children’s Day celebration. He surely knows how to use technology and latest gadgets to reach out to public in a friendly manner. This reminds us of PM Narendra Modi. Modi is known for his approach towards communicational tools for interacting with citizens of India. His “Man Ki Baat” is the most popular method to deliver his words to residents of India.

Odisha Government Children’s Day celebration live

This year’s Children’s Day celebration organized by Odisha Government is standing out for various reasons. CM Naveen Patnaik being very friendly is one of those reasons. Another one is the live telecast of this function in more than 65000 government schools of the state. These schools included government schools of primary, upper primary, secondary and senior secondary schools of Odisha. The broadcast started at 11 AM in the morning and continued for one hour. It was aired on private Radio and TV Channels. According to a political expert, it is more of a publicity step rather than just a showcase of educational achievements of the state government.

Live Telecast to cost around 200 Crore

BJD is surely a major party in the state and Naveen Patnaik is surely another technology savvy politician in Odisha. His PM Narendra Modi style surely clinched many eyes. According to a report by a major news agency, this shall be seen as more of a political agenda. Odisha is set to have upcoming assembly elections in 2019. The live telecast of Children’s Day Celebration was made as a political approach to the Janata. Expert analyzed this telecast to cost around 200 crores or more. Naveen Patnaik surely invested a large sum in this public appearance. He was also spotted smiling more often than his other public presence events.

Naveen Patnaik showered scholarships from stage

With upcoming assembly elections 2019 or earlier in sight, CM Patnaik must surely be aiming for preparations. If this event was organized to showcase BJD approach, it really worked great. Naveen Patnaik used the Children’s Day Celebration in the most successful method for his party campaign for elections. He announced many scholarships for students while delivering his speech from the stage. This telecast was made live in cities, districts, and rural areas of the state. Government schools were provided with necessary equipment to play the telecast. It was also available on few private TV channels.

Naveen Patnaik announced a total of around 100 crore offerings to the educational system of the state. Emphasizing on the state language of Odisha, he offered Rs. 5000 scholarship for 10 students who will score excellent in Odia language during class X examinations. Coming up in his shower of announcements was “Mo School” concept. In this scheme, any alma mater can help his school by contributing towards the development of that school.

Bhartiya Janata Party expecting 120+ seats in PM Narendra Modi leadership

On the other hand, Bhartiya Janata Party is also working hard to score high in upcoming assembly Elections under the leadership of PM Narendra Modi. Party Chief Amit Shah released a statement saying that the party is set to win more than 120 seats in next elections.



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