Enhancing employability in B-schools through mentorship programs


Corporate mentorship programs are nothing unheard of. They are being offered to the employees working in top companies and multinational corporations. In this regard, it is not until recent times that educational institutes have remained an untapped market.

Mentorship programs are being increasingly incorporated in B-schools these days in order to give students a competitive edge in the market. Therefore, as an aspiring MBA or PGDM student, it is to be noted that facilities and faculty members are not the only factors that determine the credibility of a B-school.

Faculty members at iFeel Lonavala, among the Top PGDM colleges in Mumbai, offer mentorship programs to the students to make them industry-ready and enhance their employability. Throughout the session, students are offered counseling and mentoring.

Understanding the pivotal role of mentorship programs, faculty mentors have been assigned to each student to teach them about the trending industry needs and help them enhance their personality, attitude, soft skills and more. In addition, personality mapping and career guidance are also an integral part of I feel a mentorship program. These are aimed at creating a nurturing learning environment for the students and enabling them to be industry-ready, professionally-skilled and socially responsible entrepreneurs. Through i6 series, the college also invites notable personalities from the industry for guest lectures to make the students learn from real-life experiences and gain a better insight of the corporate world.

With the changing demands of the industry, the course syllabus at iFeel Lonavala (Institute for Future Education, Entrepreneurship and Leadership) is modified from time to time based on the feedback of industry experts. On top of that, since technology has become a growing necessity in the current business world, courses like analytics course, predictive analysis are also introduced.

Whether it is an MBA or PGDM course, the essence lies in enabling the students to evolve into capable working professionals who can tackle challenges within and outside their workplaces. On that note, an all-encompassing mentorship program not only helps in building the credibility of the B-school but also ensures the transformation of students into successful entrepreneurs.



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