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Monday, July 13, 2020
India nd Russia energy deal

India balances Russia and US ties with $25 billion gas deal

India balances Russia and US ties with $25 billion gas deal. On Monday, India gan to receive a long-term gas offers from Gazprom of...
Reserve bank of india

Banks raise lending rates before RBI’s policy meet

Banks raise lending rates before RBI's policy meet Banks have raised their interest rates on loans by 10 basis points. i.e., 100bps is equal...

World Bank’s Business Report Misleading, Chief Economist Apologies

The chief economist of the world bank, in a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal, said that recently, World bank has changed its...
bangalore tops in startup's

Bengaluru Tops In the StartUp Investment, What About Others

Bengaluru has been favourite for most of the startups as called by many as the startup hub of India or the silicon valley of...

Coin Minting Resumes as Govt. Orders, Be Ready For More Coins

Recent excess in the Coin forced Govt.  to reconsider its coin minting rate. Banks were unable to store a large amount of the coins...

Idea Plans To Raise A Billion Dollar, What Happens After The Merger

The Telecom company Idea which announced its merger plans with the Vodafone last year has decided to raise 1.1 billion dollars. It aims to...
baba ram rahim@emitpost

Patanjali Aims To Capture E-Commerce, Ramdev Meets Amazon and Flipkart

Patanjali has decided to enter the online retailing world with renewed vigour and expectation. Recently, it announced that it is conducting a meeting with...

Book Your Auto On Uber , Ola is Ready For the Challenge

Uber has decided to relaunch its auto service in the Bengaluru and Pune. Earlier, it stopped it auto service in the year 2016, while...

Vistara Airlines Is ready For Air India Bid, Debt Is a Big Challenge

Air India, the air carrier owned by the government is in serious debt. An amount to the tune of 52000 crores in which 22000...

Amazon Enters The Food Retail Business, Sale Starts From March 2018

Amazon has been granted the license to sell locally made food items. India granted 100 % FDI into the food retailing in 2016. The move...

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