Working Hours For Customers In Banks Could Be Changed For Five Days A Week


New Delhi: Banks can change the time of opening and closing for the common man. It is possible that the bank should open 9:30 a.m. instead of 10 a.m. and the work of the clients should be settled by 4 pm. If this happens the bank staff will work only for 5 days a week. The banks will be closed every Saturday and Sunday. A proposal is being seriously considered in this regard. The first round of talks between the Indian Banks’ Association (IBA) and the bank unions have been held. The final decision will be taken after the second round of talks this month. Bank employees are usually working around six and a half hours every day.

Get 2 days of comfort every week

In recent meetings, bank unions said they are ready to give extra time to the customers, but they should be 5-day winners. Now every other and fourth Saturday in the banks leave. Ashwani Rana, vice-president, National Organization of Bank Workers said that if time increases, then every Saturday is a holiday.

The government believes that the number of subscribers with banks is increasing steadily. In such a situation, banks should be given more time for work such as cash deposits, opening a new account, making an FD, dismissing the FD and entry in passbook.

Theoretical consensus on the demand of the union

The government is in principle agree with the demand of the bank unions. Shares are closed on Saturdays and business related work remains low. With the closure of every Saturday and Sunday, the operational cost of banks can also be reduced.

NBT’s view

In the time the 24×7 work is inevitable, it is surprising to take the demand of Five Days Week in any sector. Most of the banking work is still not complete without going to the bank. Every week, two vacations can make them heavier, who deal with banking on their holidays on Saturday. Will any bank be sure that on the day the people are in need of their most needs, there will be silence in their branches every day?



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