Woman Wins Rs 44.50 Case Against AirTel Company


Ahmedabad: After the Internet service stalled during the Patidar movement in 2015, Anjana Brahmbhatt asked for a refund of Rs 44.50 from Airtel, but the company refused. Anjana made a case on Airtel and she won. Thaltej resident Anjana Brahmatej demanded an increase of eight days or 44.50 rupees in return for an internet service stalled for 10 days during the agitation. However, the company did not listen to them and Anjana went to the Consumer Disputes Resolution Forum.

According to lawyer Mukesh Parikh, Anjana took 2GB data pack with the validity of 28 days for Rs 178 on August 5, 2015. However, due to the movement, the internet service was closed from August 26 to September 4, 2015 in the city. He said, “Anjana urged Airtel to extend the service for eight days or to refund 44.50 rupees. But, he (the company) did not agree to this. ‘

“We used to add advertisements in many newspapers,” said All India Consumer Protection and Action Committee president, “We will fight for free without the need for service cuts or money back in lieu of Internet cuts during the agitation.” Anjana came to know of it and she came to us.

On the other hand, advocate Neha Parmar, in favor of Airtel in the court, said that according to Telegraph Act 7 (B), the consumer court does not have the right to hear Makudem. They argued that the case should be a file under the Arbitration Act which can not be in the forum. He said that Airtel is a corporate body and does not stop services under scarcity, negligence or unfair business maneuver, rather it rules the government order.

However, the consumer court comes in this jurisdiction of this case and gives a chance to partially complain. Anjana claimed Rs 10,000 for mental harassment and Rs 5,000 for legal expenditure. For this, the court said that internet service was stopped for public reasons. It was not under the control of the company. Therefore, mental harassment and legal costs can not be compensated. However, he ordered the company to pay Rs. 55.18 with interest of Rs. 44.50, with 12% interest.

Parikh said in court, “She (Anjana) (Airtel) had given Rs 178 in advances. Many people would have been hurt and the company benefited from crores. The company should refund all those customers. We will also contact the Gujarat High Court Chief Justice and ask them to take cognizance as many companies are involved in this. ” Airtel refused to comment on the matter.



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