RBI issues new notes in denomination of Rs 200


New Delhi: RBI is going to issue 200 rupees notes in the market from Friday. A picture of Rs 200 notes has been released. This is the first time when a new note of Rs. 200 will be in the markets. According to sources, the government wants that instead of the notes of Rs. 2 thousand rupees notes of 500 and 200 rupees are in circulation more in the markets. Let us know that a new note of 50 is coming soon.

On the note of 200 rupees with Mahatma Gandhi (Innovative) series, the signature of Governor Bank Governor Urjit Patel will be signed and will be issued by RBI’s elected offices and some banks. Sanchi’s stupa will be shaped in the back of this note and it will be light yellow. The Finance Ministry had formally announced on Wednesday about the issuance of 200 rupees notes. After which the picture of the new note has been released.

Earlier, Union Minister of State for Finance Santosh Kumar Gangwar had said that the printing of notes of 200 rupees has started and they will be in vogue soon. In order to start the movement of new currency, this step has been done to increase the spread of low-value notes. An official source said that the paper was prepared in June for the notes of 200 rupees in the Mysore paper mill. Their printing is being done in the RBI Printing Press.

There was such news after the note-offs that people are having trouble using notes of Rs 2,000, because notes worth Rs 100 and 500 are not adequately present.



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