Patanjali Aims To Capture E-Commerce, Ramdev Meets Amazon and Flipkart

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Patanjali has decided to enter the online retailing world with renewed vigour and expectation. Recently, it announced that it is conducting a meeting with the top e-commerce website such as Flipkart, Amazon, Big Basket, Grofers etc.

The meeting will take place to place Patanjali products on the online systematically. Though it operates a website where all the products of the company are available, it has tried to make itself visible on the other websites too. Although its products are also available on the websites, a renewed focus and system, as envisioned by the company and sellers was necessary to bring the online revenue.

Era Of E-Commerce

The e-commerce is one of the major contributing source of revenue for any product company today and Patanjali wishes to leverage the potential of it in most convincing way possible. Yoga Guru Ramdev, who is also the Brand ambassador of the Company and Acharya Balakrishna, who is the CMD of the company is believed to be part of the meeting.

As expected, this event is aimed at bringing the focus of online buyers. Recently, the company entered the baby food market and also the restaurant business. In the recent years, the company has steadily improved its position in the FMCG market and building trust with the consumers. The reports suggest that it has climbed up in the ladder and reached at the number fifteen in the brand’s reports 2017.

The popularity of the brands has seen tremendous high but a quite a few lows too. It was asked by the Advertising standards council of India to stop its misleading advertisement of many of its products. As the company is growing in value and in profit, the potential of committing error increases, so it has to be cautious at all times.

Patanjali and the Market

Particularly, in instances where it brands itself as the swadeshi company and keeps hitting on the foreign brands of looting the wealth of India. The brand swadeshi seems to overheard at times than the actual product. It has partnered with multiple states to open food and herbal park, which, according to the company, will bring many jobs and improve the quality of life for farmers. Patanjali has also announced its decision of expanding its base into foreign countries.

Patanjali products are quite popular in the foreign countries and it has decided to tap into the overseas market with its brand swadeshi. Nothing surprising here, as the company keeps conquering markets in the world, but the projection of its products should be kept in the focus. The meeting will help companies in providing visibility in the digital world, which seem to dominate the market today.

How this rolls out in the future is for everyone to see, but the strategy and marketing of the company seem to reap good profits for the company. It has already made its presence felt in the market, which is evident from the changing marketing strategy of the many old FMCG players. Will Patanjali be able to rule the online World?



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