Maruti reduced Prices of many cars after GST


After the implementation of GST, Maruti has taken a decision on the price of its cars. Maruti has made some of its vehicles cheap. Their cost has been reduced by 3%.

Apart from this, the company has also increased the price of diesel model Ciyaz and Ertiga with its hybrid technology by up to one lakh rupees.

The company says that the prices of Maruti Suzuki’s models have been reduced by 3% in one Delhi showroom. Before the GST, changes in the deduction may vary according to the VAT rate applicable to different locations.

While the company has made cars like its entry level Alto cheaper a few thousand rupees, on the other hand, the price of flagship Sedan Ciaz and Multi Utility Car Ertiga has been increased by Rs 1 lakh.

The company said that according to the GST tax rate applicable from July 1, it will also apply tax on its models.



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