India will work closely with Switzerland on Black Money Says PM Modi


New Delhi: After talks with Switzerland’s President Doris Leuthard, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday said that India will continue to work closely with Switzerland in the fight against black money.

Modi, while addressing the media jointly with Lutherard, said, “Transparency in today’s world is a matter of concern, whether it is on black money, as dirty money, hawala or weapon, and drug To be financed. ”

They said, “We will continue to cooperate with Switzerland to fight this global problem.” Modi said that foreign direct investment is an important basis for economic cooperation between India and Switzerland.

He said, “We especially welcome Swiss investors in India. In this regard, we have agreed to continue the discussion on bilateral agreements.” Modi said that talks about the main trade agreement between the EU and India are in progress.

Doris Leuthard said that Switzerland is one of the toughest laws against money laundering and it is expected that other countries will do the same.



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