India becomes a more important than America for Facebook


Washington has become India’s most important country for Facebook. For the number of users, India has left the US behind. According to the media report, the number of Facebook users in India has crossed 24 million. According to the data of July 13, the number of Facebook users in the US is 24 million and India’s 241 million. A few days back Facebook had announced that the number of its monthly users in the country has more than 2 billion. A few days later, there has been news of changes in the ranking of countries on the social media platform.
5 million increased users
According to the Next Web report, Facebook has registered a great growth in the US and India since the beginning of 2017. However, new data shows that the number of users in India is increasing twice as fast as the US.
27 percent growth
During the last six months, the number of active users of Facebook has increased by 27 per cent to over 50 million, while in the US, the growth of 12 per cent (2.6 million) has been recorded during this period.
Only 19 percent people use it
Despite strong growth, the social media penetration in India is very low, which in the past month has only 19 percent compared to the total population of the country. Compared to this, Facebook’s Facebook penetration is 73 percent, and at the global level, this figure is 42 percent. It is worth noting that Facebook’s report for advertisers varies on daily basis and before the announcement of 2 billion active users, there was a small decrease in the number of global users.



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