The Idea of Innovation In Indian StartUp

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Ideas rule the world. This is true until that idea is turned into action otherwise it is as useless as the garbage in the Bin. People who have tried to follow their ideas are truly aware of the road ahead. They can make mistake and learn which is natural learning methodology in any field of work. We have progressed as a society following these principles. The notion of innovation is lost in today’s hyper startup culture. Are we not concentrating more on the formal sectors which require less effort and Innovation?

The Innovators

The key concept of an idea is the Innovation. How innovative is the Idea in the current scenario? How relevant is the Idea to face the today’s problems? Humans have the tendency to be the follower rather than an Innovator. India ranks 60 in the Global Innovation Index 2017. Many schemes have been started in the schools and colleges to improve the innovation among students. The seed of innovation must be planted early to reap its benefits in the real life and in the society.

People with a greater amount of clarity and original thinking can be found to be more compassionate and empathetic towards others. The list of companies in the Indian business is keen on the profit maximisation which becomes a bone of contention between innovation and growth of the company. There is an increasing number of startups today than ever before due to the easy financing and a formal backing in the form of private investment. They have found a better ecosystem for growth and Innovation. Nasscom reports the number of startups will grow in the coming years. But, a key question remains to be asked how much innovative would they be?

According to the report by FastCompany, the top 10 most innovative companies are as follows.

  1. Amazon: For offering even more, even faster and smarter
  2. Google: For developing a photographic memory
  3. Uber: For accelerating autonomous driving
  4. Apple: For baking in its advantages
  5. SNAP: For bringing crackle and pop to a new way of seeing the world
  6. Facebook: For launching the right ads at the right moment
  7. NetFlix: For making surfing fun again
  8. Twilio: For giving apps a voice
  9. Chobani: For stirring it up in the grocery store
  10. Spotify: For enticing artists with data

There are no Indian companies on the list. Many of the companies on the list are very small compared to others on the list, yet they are on the list due to their innovative concept. It has much to say about our startup culture and Innovation.

The Future

We have some of the most amazing startups in India, but they are not well funded and recognized like the ones which only play in the media to create noise and buy an award for their copied Idea.The startup has to be innovative in the context of Indian ecosystem and solve the problems of real India.For example, A startup named Nyaya is doing a brilliant work of bringing Indians closer to the Indian constitution. They have made their mission to decode the Indian constitution which is understandable and useful to the common people. We can expect true growth only when we present a true idea.



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