Book Your Auto On Uber , Ola is Ready For the Challenge

Uber has decided to relaunch its auto service in the Bengaluru and Pune


Uber has decided to relaunch its auto service in the Bengaluru and Pune. Earlier, it stopped it auto service in the year 2016, while it’s the main rival Ola has been successfully running its Auto service in various cities in India.

They are back with a limited city but hope to move on to more cities once they see how the market responds to the demands in the Bengaluru and Pune. They are more stringent about the safety norms and Auto acceptance, after several bad incidents in the past took place. While Ola has raced forward in this auto service domain, offering its services in more than 70 cities, Uber is still in its development phase in offering Auto service in India.

The ride will be available through the app, while payment can be made via offline or online. India is the biggest market for the companies like Uber and Ola. The opportunity for growth is high compared to other countries. According to recent media reports, the ex-CEO of Uber Travis Kalanick is planning to sell his 29 percent stake in the company.

The User Experience

Last year, he resigned following a controversy by a mismanagement of a report related to the sexual harassment of an ex-employee, which went to become a bad patch for the company. It reflected the culture and ethos of the new age startup like Uber. Previously, Uber ran its Auto services in cities like Bhubaneswar, Coimbatore, and New Delhi.

Uber decided to restart its services after an intense discussion with the management which was skeptical about the future of Auto services in India. In recent times, Uber has faced many problems due to its mismanagement in the handling of drivers and resignation of its founder Travis Kalanick.

The recent protest in India about the driver’s payment led Uber into unwanted controversy. The drivers were protesting about the reduced customers and high commissions which made their earnings very low. The online taxi services in India have found much popularity especially the metro cities of India, given the poor infrastructure of the Indian road and Public transportation system.

The Tools Of Transportation

The big boost to the private vehicle was provided by these online services. Last Year, Ola received funding Of around a billion dollars from the Tencent Holdings. In the latest launch, we will see Uber App have an option of AUTO for the people living in Bengaluru and Pune to book auto.

They will plan future actions depending on the situation in the infrastructure and growth. The Auto is one of the most well-known transportation tools for Indian commuters and tapping into that market is essential for the growth of companies like Uber and Ola. We will likely to see many more investments in the safety of the passengers, which must be a priority for the startups like Ola.

SoftBank, the leading Investor in many of the top startup of the world sees great opportunity in the Indian market and decided to pursue another major investment in the Indian Startup in coming future.



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